The project helped connect the students with their Native culture and helped us see the Reservation through the student's eyes. Throughout the year the project was hands-on; David always engaged all of the students that were present, making sure they had and knew their equipment. He modeled the utmost respect for each of the students and monitored the respect between the students. He always cared about the involvement of each student and the class. David continually asked the students to evaluate their work and to make it better and encouraged them to share their work with other students and the community.
- Allen Bone, 7th Grade Teacher Two Eagle River School-Pablo, Montana

Dan McIntyre, Board Member

Dan McIntyre has served since 2006 as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University. Working with the Dean and Vice Dean, he administers the appointment and review of faculty, and the implementation and refinement of the curriculum. He also oversees the Capstone workshop program, which places small teams of Master's degree students in real-life consulting assignments with a diverse range of organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Mr. McIntyre holds the position of Adjunct Associate Professor and serves as part of the instructional team for "Conceptual Foundations of International Politics," a required course for the MIA program. He previously served as Vice President for Administration and Program Development at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (2005 – 2006), and Assistant Provost and Associate Dean of the New School for Social Research (1992 – 2005). He grew up in Great Falls, Montana, and received his bachelors' and masters' degrees from the University of Montana. Mr. McIntyre received a PhD in politics from Princeton University in 1991.