The project helped connect the students with their Native culture and helped us see the Reservation through the student's eyes. Throughout the year the project was hands-on; David always engaged all of the students that were present, making sure they had and knew their equipment. He modeled the utmost respect for each of the students and monitored the respect between the students. He always cared about the involvement of each student and the class. David continually asked the students to evaluate their work and to make it better and encouraged them to share their work with other students and the community.
- Allen Bone, 7th Grade Teacher Two Eagle River School-Pablo, Montana

Our People

Our board is a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Their areas of expertise and leadership provide the organization with options that touch on the important aspects of our work, including issues related to education, society, and culture.

Our staff is small. We raise funds on a project-by-project basis so that all of the funding raised for a specific project goes towards that effort.

Our consultants provide us with teaching and logistical guidance so that our work is carried out and shared with the community.

Our volunteers are the people we come in contact with in the schools and communities in which we work. It is their interest and involvement that makes our work a truly collaborative effort.

Harold T. Judd, President
Professional Association: President Accion Group, Attorney at Law. Read more... Maggi Welliver, Vice President
Professional Association: Business Person. Read more... Dan McIntyre, Board Member
Professional Association: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University. Read more... George Price, Board Member
Professional Association: Lecturer, Departments of Native American Studies and History, and the African American Studies Program, University of Montana. Read more... David J. Spear, Director, Co-founder
David J. Spear is Director and co-founder of A VOICE-Art Vision & Outreach In Community Education. David oversees project development and implements programming for A VOICE. Read more... Jill L. Erickson, Associate Director, Co-founder
Jill L. Erickson is the Associate Director and a co-founder of A VOICE Art Vision & Outreach In Community Education. Jill oversees the administrative, grant writing, project development and accounting business areas for A VOICE. Read more... Jenifer Blumberg, Consultant
Professional Association: Executive Director, The Nest, serving the Flathead Reservation and Lake County, Montana. Read more... Jennifer Finley, Consultant
Jennifer Finley teaches writing and interviewing techniques for A VOICE projects. Jennifer lives on the Flathead Reservation in Montana where she was born and raised. Read more... Nicole Tavenner, Consultant
Nicole Tavenner provides technical and concept support for A VOICE. Read more...