Welcome to A VOICE - Art Vision & Outreach in Community Education

We are a federally recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit arts education organization. We provide to the communities we serve high-level arts programming that includes project development, implementation and hands-on art making experience. We believe that through this work we can help develop each person's unique voice and vision. Our arts education work is led by working visual artists and writers who, in addition to being committed teachers, are recognized for their work nationally and internationally. These artists work closely with and develop strong collaborations with the community leaders and teachers with whom they work so that the project goals are met. We expect a serious commitment from the students and young people we serve and provide them the tools so that they can become expressive art makers and storytellers.


“The project helped connect the students with their Native culture and helped us see the Reservation through the student's eyes. Throughout the year the project was hands-on; David always engaged all of the students that were present, making sure they had and knew their equipment. He modeled the utmost respect for each of the students and monitored the respect between the students. He always cared about the involvement of each student and the class. David continually asked the students to evaluate their work and to make it better and encouraged them to share their work with other students and the community.”
- Allen Bone, 7th Grade Teacher Two Eagle River School-Pablo, Montana

Art & Community

A VOICE has made a strong commitment to the community with its work in the arts. Our programming helps to define for each person through practice what art is and we develop projects that celebrate diversity and culture. In a time when budget cuts have pushed the arts from many classrooms we work to provide a way in which art making and writing can act as equal partners in curriculum development and classroom experience.

We're Here

A VOICE-Art Vision & Outreach In Community Education currently serves the communities of the Flathead Indian Reservation and Lake County in Northwest Montana. Our primary focus is our work with both Indian and non-Indian youth in underserved rural communities. A VOICE makes a special effort in our arts programming and community work to try to bring young people of varying cultural backgrounds together in an attempt to foster understanding and tolerance.