The project helped connect the students with their Native culture and helped us see the Reservation through the student's eyes. Throughout the year the project was hands-on; David always engaged all of the students that were present, making sure they had and knew their equipment. He modeled the utmost respect for each of the students and monitored the respect between the students. He always cared about the involvement of each student and the class. David continually asked the students to evaluate their work and to make it better and encouraged them to share their work with other students and the community.
- Allen Bone, 7th Grade Teacher Two Eagle River School-Pablo, Montana

Penny Kipp, Board Member

Penny Matt Kipp is a wife, mother, grandmother and sister to 11 siblings. Penny was born and raised and remains in St. Ignatius, Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. She is an active photo collector who archives her family and community photographs. In her spare time (and her favorite time) in summer she drives an ice cream truck around the neighborhood and the young people come running from their homes when they hear the music play. Penny is passionate about the people on the Flathead Reservation and strives to encourage people of all ages to pursue their dreams in their life-long learning journey.

She has been appointed by the Governor of Montana to serve on several boards and panels at the state level.

With a bachelor's degree in sociology she has worked in the areas of child protection services, juvenile probation and alcohol and drug prevention. In 1997 Penny received a M.Ed. from Gonzaga University - Spokane Washington. She has served in several roles relevant to that degree, as the former Director and Scholarship Officer for the Tribal Education Department of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. She is currently Director of Student Services at Salish Kootenai College.