It has not only been a pleasure to work alongside David as a co-teacher, but also to observe his work with the students. He empowers students on the Reservation in a unique way and gives them ownership of their communities through photography and reflection. During an intensive summer course, we combined photography with writing to prompt students to think critically of their surroundings and themselves. His process allows students to engage with hands-on activities that give them true knowledge of what they're doing. David displays tremendous patience with the individuals that he works with and ensures understanding before moving on to the next step of the learning process. The photographic process instills a sense of individual pride in the products students create.
- Alexander Herlich, Salish Kootenai College Upward Bound, Pablo, Montana

Our People

Our board is a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Their areas of expertise and leadership provide the organization with options that touch on the important aspects of our work, including issues related to education, society, and culture.

Our staff is small. We raise funds on a project-by-project basis so that all of the funding raised for a specific project goes towards that effort.

Our consultants provide us with teaching and logistical guidance so that our work is carried out and shared with the community.

Our volunteers are the people we come in contact with in the schools and communities in which we work. It is their interest and involvement that makes our work a truly collaborative effort.